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It's important to understand that not all salon hair styles can be recreated at home without use of hair styling products and that your hair care needs will change on average about every 4 months due to elements of exposure etc.

Selecting the right hair care products for your individual needs can be the difference in a good hair day and a bad hair day, everyday. It can also sharply lessen the amount of time that you spend styling your hair everyday.

Everyone's hair requires different needs and these needs change periodically throughout the year depending upon circumstances unique to each individual. As you perform chemical services on your hair or as weather conditions change, health, medications and other circumstances change, so does your individual hair care needs. Miss-use or incorrect selection of hair care products can worsen hair and scalp problems.

Our hair stylist 
receive continued education on select professional hair care products on a regular basis. Our professionals  are extensively familiar with all hair types, hair condition and scalp types. This education allows the stylist to prescribe the proper professional product(s) to meet the specific needs of each individual. Your personal hair stylist will also teach you how to properly use the product(s) you are purchasing in our salon.

 Before leaving the salon, your stylist
will prescribe the proper hair care product(s) to remedy your individual needs. When a product has been professionally diagnosed for your special needs,
it is going to be more suited to you than something that you have picked up off the shelf at your local store.

Professional brands invest millions into the science behind the hair and results in a more advanced technological product and on the whole professional brands use gentler surfactants (the soap used in shampoo) and in more concentrated amounts, so you will  need to use much less of the product than with a grocery store brand. The recommended amount of professional shampoo or conditioner is 5 ml (the average cap full) whilst you may have to use three or four times more to get the same amount of lather or conditioning result from a grocery store brand. So ask yourself if you have really saved money or just potentially harmed your hair or scalp for no good reason.

Your shampoo and conditioner are the foundation of a
good hair style and should not be under valued when creating your look.

A shampoo should always be followed by a conditioner as a shampoo is negatively charged and a conditioner is positively charged, therefore one will balance or neutralize the other helping to restore the natural barrier (acid mantel) and protect the hair. For those of you who don't like the weight of the average conditioner, we have super light weight conditioning products available. An experienced stylist
will diagnose your hair and scalp needs and recommend the perfect product to suits your needs.

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