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Haircuts & Styles
 Your hair cut is an essential piece of your self image. A consultation is necessary before performing any hair care services or treatments.  I will review facts about your lifestyle, hair styling skills, your hair styling tools, hair styling 
products and amount of time in which you have to devote to styling your hair daily.

I will use these facts and take them into account with your facial shape, and skin tone and recommend several options. The final say will be left in your hands. My goal is to make you happy by delivering something both practical and stylish to suit your lifestyle needs.

I am trained in all areas of hair cutting including; 
  • Womens haircuts
  • Men's hair cuts
  • Razor hair cutting
  • Texturizing
  • Internal Texturizing
  • Thinning 
  • Razor Cutting
  • Asymmetrical hair styles
  • Inverted bobs
  • Traditional Bobs
  • Under cutting
  • Long layers
  • Short layers
  • Traditional styles
  • Modern updated trendy styles (Currently in style & coming in style)

I have advanced training in hair cuts for all hair types and can help you if you have the following hair types or problematic areas;

  • Thin
  • Straight
  • Thick
  • Wavy
  • Curly
  • Frizzy
  • Multi-patterned
  • Flat 
  • Damaged/Over Processed

All hair cuts are carefully selected with consideration of your hair texture and hair type, facial shape, career, personality clothing style and your daily time allotment for hair styling. You'll soon discover that the best hair cuts for you are the hair cuts designed to work with your problem areas.

Additionally, it is important for all individuals to understand that not all hair styles can be recreated without use of Hair Products. When searching for a new haircut or hair style it is important to remember that almost all photographs of hair styles were more than likely styled using hair products and hair products may be required to recreate the same look at home. Also certain hair types may require hair products to recreate a specific hair style or look.

Dress up any haircut with a great hair color! It's amazing how a few simple accent highlights or lowlights  can "dress up"even the most simple of hair styles. You can also completely change your entire hair style by adding hair extensions. Need a break from your curly hair? Consider a salon smoothing keratin treatment. 
Want to add curls to your hair? Consider a getting a salon perm. 

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